Welcome Future Poudre Cheerleaders

The coaching staff at Poudre have a vision.


They see teams of students that do not compete against one another, but lift each other up and give 100% at competitions.

They see a varsity team that encourages and builds up the JV team.

They see athletes who are strong physically and mentally.

They expect their students to be role models who keep their social media clean and make good grades.

They are committed to excellence and expect big wins through hard work.

Do you have what it takes to be a Poudre Cheerleader?!

Time commitment

Being a Poudre cheerleader is a huge time commitment for both students AND parents. 

Here's what is expected of students on the cheer team:


  • Cheer is nearly a year round sport. Practice starts in the summer and goes until after that last games in the spring (late February to early March). 

  • Cheerleaders must attend ALL practices and games. Only 3 unexcused absences are allowed before a student is asked to leave the team.

  • There are typically 3 practices a week PLUS cheering at games. There are some weeks you're cheerleader will be busy M-F. JV football games are typically on Saturdays.

  • Cheerleaders typically cheer for football, volleyball, basketball. They may occasionally cheer for other sports.

  • Cheerleaders must keep their grades up to stay on the team, so factoring time in for homework is a must!

Parents- be aware that there can be lots of driving involved if your student is on the cheer team. 


Upon registering you will receive an email containing the tryout packet and cost information. 

Important Information (please note these dates are not yet confirmed):

Tryout Prep September 6th 4:30-6:30 pm in the Wrestling gym 

Tryout Day September 7th 4:30-6:30 pm in the Wrestling gym 

Tryout dates


No Mask Required At This Time

Tryout Date: September 7th 4:30 pm 

How to register: Online right here at our website

 Registration Opens: August 1st

End of Registration: September 5th

Mandatory Parent/Student meeting

Typically about a week after tryouts- first payments are due at this time

Upon registering you will get an email containing the tryout packet which contains all contracts and agreements which will be needed on the first day of tryouts. The Tryout packet and contracts MUST be completed and given to the coach on the day of tryouts, NO EXCEPTIONS.

A physical must be on file with the school and athlete registration must be filled out with the athletic fee paid before permission to tryout (orange card) will be granted by the athletic department. Directions on how to do this can be found at the end of the tryout packet. Athletes without an orange card are not allowed to tryout.

 Any questions please email Coach Alissa:


click here to see 2022's Cheer Team and coaching staff

If your parent is interested in joining our booster team please email Jennifer Werth:


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