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Family Orientation/Potluck 8-12-19

Notes from Coach Courtney:

Mandatory practices start today

3 unexcused absences means you are kicked off team. Unexcused means you have not communicate with the coach before you are absent and/or it is unapproved.

Coach will work with you if appointments need to be made. She needs to know ahead of time, not day of.

Reminder of some items in the cheer contract:

Academic eligibility- GPA needs to be 2.5 or higher in order to cheer. Cheerleaders will have 2 weeks to get grades up. Cheerleaders will sit out with coaches at games dressed out with no phones/no laptops. Parents need to contact coaches if homework needs to be done while benched at games.

Two F’s in one week makes you ineligible. Girls will run for unexcused absences.

Girls must attend everything- practices, games (fundraisers encouraged). Need to give coach advance notice if will miss.

Upcoming dates:

Aug 17th- 8am. Be at school at 7:45 ready to go. Hair down for school athletic pictures. Should have uniforms by then

Practice and game details are in google calendar

Aug 14th- game day tryouts. Going over cheers they know. If they don’t know them they will sit out first game

Best way to communicate- coaches to parent- what works the best? Email, app?

Aug 19th switching practice times to 4:30-6-:30. Will vote for captains on the 19th. Coaches look for someone who will be a leader (does not need to be a senior, drive, etc.). Will get captain contract- you and parents need to read/sign.

Will be sharing gym with dance team moving forward.

Fall tryouts- for JV only. Most of the time will not have a fall tryout, trying to build team. If new students are coming in and its school of choice, will not be on the competition team and must be on JV. If in district, those that improve could move up to varsity or comp.

Comp tryouts will be the second week of school. Comp is optional. Would like all girls at competitions to support. Would like 12-14 on comp team

Games- can’t know when they end. Have remind app to alert parents of game updates

Volleyball games- some games overlap with practice, stunt squads will rotate between practice and cheering.


Keep all gear in your duffle bags, especially snacks.

Calendar has all outfit details for all games-

Comp dates up as soon as possible on calendar

JV uniform contract- will need to sign and will be charged if not turned in in good condition

ALL- take good care of your uniforms

How to get makeup out of liners- magic erasers, or use shout stain remover with stiff bristle brush

Games- Home games are at French field (at rocky). Need parents to sign up to drive ( ), coaches cannot drive girls

Away games- will have bus there and back. Sometimes busses come back at midnight

Attitudes- think about what you say to peers, coaches, parents. One thing to talk like friends and another to disrespect. Sometimes we forget that our teammates/coaches have feelings. People are quick to be defensive. Grab a coach if you need a mediator. Bad attitudes will incur running!


Tumbling- will start next week here at Poudre. Expensive, but benefits the team and their skills. Tumbling through CCA, but independent contractor.

Online pay- not correct currently. All you need to pay are poms, tumbling, music through school pay

Camp clothes might be used to wear to school or comp days. Will use a lot through out season, or for fundraisers

Other fundraising ideas:

Do change jars

Booster Notes:

Made about $365 with online fundraiser- brought the cost of duffle and spandex down to $35. Payments for those are due on August 20th.

Make sure to link your king soopers loyalty card to our organization. It’s free for you and helps us earn money. We got about $100 last quarter with 4 families participating…imagine what we could get each quarter if everyone participated

Uniform tips- keep a separate drawer/hamper for cheer stuff to help keep it separate from your other clothes. It makes everything easier to find. Keep all of your clean gear in your duffle!

Please come to booster meetings when you can to keep informed and to vote on things

Marcy’s #1 goal is making sure kids get fed. She didn’t figure out blood sugar until she was a junior in college.

Importance of eating well during the season- snacks are supplements not meals. Not a Doctor, but here’s what I’ve learned:

Who has heard the term blood sugar? Body processes carbs and sugars and turns them into blood sugar.

Protein, fat, water, vitamins, and minerals do not effect your blood sugar as much

Who is familiar with the term Hangry?

What happens when you’re hangry? Hungry, shakey, weak, brain fog, nausea, effects relationships, etc. Who wants they’re flyer to have low blood sugar? Bases? Eating 3 balanced meals a day ( protein, complex carb, fruit, veggie. NOT granola bar and energy drink) and snacks w/ protein and complex carbs can help keep blood sugar level. Examples are peanut butter on apple slices, cheese and crackers.

Keeping blood sugar level good for long term health and will keep you operating at your best.

Please sign up for getting girls from poudre to intown games and bringing dinner if you have availability!

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