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7-22-19 Meeting notes

The heart behind the booster – not just to make money, but to care for and equip the team including coaches.

Catherine, President

Marlo, Vice President

Marcy, Secretary

Paul, Treasurer

PHS Cheer Booster Meeting 7-22-19

Black=agenda item




Review of Beginning & Ending Balances, Expense/Revenues for previous month

Started June with 1387.89 and ended with 1176.99. Majority of expenses were for camp clothes.

July started with 1169.99, and we are currently 831.06. Expenses included camp clothes costs and fourth of July costs.

Senior Posters

Senior posters are a standing tradition at Poudre where seniors receive a poster with a head shot to hang in the walls of the school. The poster has a border around the outside for fellow classmates to sign and write encouraging messages on. This is a gift the girls can hang on to and look back on in the future. We are proposing the booster pay for the poster to give to the 3 seniors this year. The cost of the poster is between 25.00 and 35.00 per girl.


CSU Football Games (09/07, 09/21, 10/05, 11/02, 11/16, 11/29)

· We will be running the brat west stand at the CSU stadium during home games. Last year the group that ran the Brat West stand made $4800, not including tips. This will likely be the highest grossing fundraiser of the year.

· All Day Commitment

· Can be friends, neighbors, family, members of churches/organizations you belong too…ANYONE who would like to support PHS Cheerleaders can work concessions

· Need 12 people per game

· Must be 16 years old

· Alcohol Team Trainings need to be taken by those running the registers (must be 18+). All the training start at 5:30 pm at Canvas Stadium and certification is good for 3 years. These dates are:

o August 5 we can try and meet up for lunch and all try to go to one of the trainings together

o August 12

o August 19

o August 26

· Forward the SignUp Genius to whomever you think will want to join!!

· Go over how monies earned will be distributed- 8.5% commission and electronic tips will go to support whole team. Cash tips will be distributed to the school on behalf girls or girls representatives who are present at the team. Michele will apply money to accounts

2 Week Online Donation Drive pushed by Social Media (07/22 through 08/05)

· 1,000.00 Goal, funds through Paypal

· Video link to attach with social media push

· We would like to use the funds made during this drive to help pay for the cheerleaders bags, stuffed with essential items such as toiletries, feminine products, and hair ties/bobbypins, etc. and spandex Total cost est. @ 65.00. If $1000 raised, total cost to each girl would be around $22. $1500 should cover the total cost of spandex and bags (get magic erasers as part of duffle if possible)


· Unanimous YES Purchase of 3 senior posters- will pull money from current funds

· Unanimous YES Plan on distribution of funds from CSU Football Concessions – 8.5% commission and electronic tips will go to support whole team. Cash tips will be distributed to the school on behalf girls or girls representatives who are present at the team. Michele will apply money to accounts

· Unanimous YES Donations from online drive to go towards individual cheer bags and essential toiletry items

Future Notes:

· We want to see a coaches Q&A at the beginning of each booster meeting where parent’s questions can be answered. Working out details on how it will be most effective. Any thoughts and ideas? Parents would like to see more direct communications to them from coaches- girls either do not pass on info, or pass on partial/incorrect info. Coaches may also

· start sending weekly communications email. Would be good to send on Friday or Saturday so people have the weekend to wash things/respond

· Question- feedback from camp is that poudre started way early and went much later than other teams…is that new this year?

· Future Booster Meetings will be run for the 1st hour (6-7) with breakout sessions of separate committees meeting the 2nd hour (7-8). If you are interested in joining a committee, please reach out to a board member.

· Will start to have board meetings 2nd week of the month so that booster meeting agendas can be ready at least a week in advance

· After school starts, JV will have set uniforms for each practice day. New girls will also need to order camp clothes, may cost a bit more since may not be able to get bulk orders

A Note from the Booster President

I will be reaching out over the next few weeks to each individual family to introduce myself and answer any questions that you may have. I will also take this opportunity to gather any thoughts or ideas you may have in what the success of your cheerleader looks like and how the Boosters can help support that. We want the Boosters to feel like an extension of family and that means everyone’s ideas and opinions matter. Please reach out to me if there are any questions or concerns.

Look forward to getting to know each and every family J

Catherine Foster-Cody

(970) 817 - 0170

Important Upcoming Dates: Alissa out of town- August 18, 24, 31

August 10: TEAM BONDING Hiking and Cookout, Red Feather Lakes there is a coaches clinic all day that day. ~7 mile hike- need back pack, snacks, hiking shoes, sunscreen, hat. Start early- make sure to eat a good breakfast. Trailhead is about 40 mins from town- coordinate with parents that have bigger cars. Jennifer will do a trail test run to test time of hike. From trailhead, house is less than 10 mins. Afterwards, can meet various parents at the forks.

Need to copy and paste info into google calender, have Courtney get rsvp and send screen shot of who rsvp’d so I can help to figure out rides

Earliest start would be 8am at forks, which would mean hike would start around 9, should finish around 2, and be ready to go around 4

Parents welcome to come hike ( and bring bear spray)

Would be good to have parents send food- put all food in one vehicle and drive to house

Use sign up genius for what to bring:

Kayde- baked beans

Promote vegan/vegetarian. Have those girls bring veggie burgers

Hotdogs- protein provided



Fruit salad-


Smores Supplies-

**have coaches ask for rsvps in groupme

August 12 : Family Orientation and Potluck during practice

Sign up genius- figure out what last name letters for entrees, sides, desserts, drinks

What questions do new parents have?

-what will fall schedule look like: get with coaches to figure out fall practice, provide printed calendar for month of September. Have sign up for rides/meals. Talk about transport to rocky/in town rivals

-Make connections- name tags with child (parent pins!)

-Coaches talk about due dates

-uniform/shoe care

Verify with Courtney that varsity has all necessary busses for away game

If parents go to away games, can kids go home with them or do they have to go back on the bus?

Volleyball- expected to be at all home and hometown rival games

Competitions- talk about how a few are set but many come up on short notice

Sign up dates for riding and feeding

For football- will pick section and sit there each game- Get bench pad!

Have each family bring some snacks for practices

August 14th- Game day tryouts- girls must know their cheers

August 17: Cheer pictures done by the school, 8AM come ready- in front of school or in football field

August 20: First Day of School

August 26: Next Booster Meeting

Other items discussed: What do coaches want to see fundraising for? Team banner is one thing

- Are individual pictures taken on the 17th? If individual pics, can we use them to make parent pins? Apparently pins can be ordered through the picture packet

- Make thank you video after donation to show what donors an send through same channels

- School pictures- have team hold blank signs and we can electronically add ‘thank you _____-‘, etc. can insert pictures into cards and send to donors

- What do parents want to order for fall spirit gear? Order hats/hoodies/running shirt with ¾ zipper for test gear

- /lanyards/decals/tumblerear warmer-headbandsgloves


o Get top 3 snacks for each kid, then have sign up list for people to bring snacks for orientation


Alissa crane

Jennifer Burgher

Catherine Foster-Cody

Marcy Bogren

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