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6-24-19 Parent Booster Meeting Notes

Normal text=meeting agenda items

Italicized text=notes from meeting

PHS Cheer Booster Meeting 6-24-19

 The heart behind the booster- not just to make money, but to care for and equip the team including coaches


Review- bylaws given out for review. Went over purpose and officer candidates. View bylaws hereQuestion on timing of having elections in February- Would not allow for new team members parents to be elected. Tryouts could be as soon as mid April, but no earlier. Decided to leave elections as they are- anyone elected would be an interim until team results are posted as some may not want to serve on the board if their child was not on the team, although they would be free to do so. Everyone was open to changing timing of elections in the future, but will leave them as they are for now and see how things go.Officer positions are a year long position and carry legal responsibility. Both Kayde and I are big into rule following, so there should be no reason to worry about legal weirdness.We will shoot for booster meetings on the  3rd Monday of month, checking into see if we can always use this roomWill also have monthly officer meeting. Others can call meetings with 7 days notice.All minutes for meetings will be posted on the website. Will email the link with minutes after they are posted.Will plan to audit once a year. Will show what transactions have been posted at meetingsQuestion- checks to be addressed to PHS cheer booster clubQuestion on camp- wrong dates on schoolpay---They are July 12-15

Officers- roles, candidates, and voting

Kayde nominated and voted on as president- 8 yaysMarlo as provisional VP (she has not had a chance to read and agree to the Bylaws yet)-8 yaysMarcy as Secretary-8 yaysPaul as treasurer-8 yaysQuestions on bylaws?no


Developing a calendar through August 

Moving forward:

Booster meetings- 4th monday of the monthCheer bonding- 2nd weekend of the month? Ideas for future bonding events? It is desirable to have the bonding on the same weekend every month, but not likely given coaches schedules in the fall. Courtney can send dates she cannot do. Shooting for team bonding once a month- comp meets could act as bonding since all the girls are together.Family Bonding- In July, the Wellington 4th of July. Does anyone with a pickup truck want to volunteer to drive and have their truck decorated?-Marianne

In August and beyond, we’ll try to pair family bonding with games. Other ideas?


When will comp team tryouts be? After camp, but not sure yet

Cheer Camp:

Deadline is July 8, but school is requesting payments need to be made ASAP. Michele will be in her office from 8-noon this Wednesday, or payments can be made on school pay (be advised school pay has~$15 fee)Girls will need to be at CSU at 7:30 am on Friday the 12th with all their clothes/things. Camp is overnight, and food is providedAdditional details to follow

Fundraising- by next meeting will try to have have a calendar of fundraisers. To be successful, we need everyone to participate in at least one event throughout the year (with painting, 13 girls made $640!).

Potential Summer fundraisers:

Sell brownies at Fuzzy’s- checking on datesCar wash at JC penny’s- checking on permission4th of July parade- sell Otter pops and water along the parade route Booths sold out, other ideas?- glow sticks, coolbeads/dippin dots, drinks- water and soda

Other ideas:

Beth could interface with football team to see if shirts could be sold at games. Also talked about selling spirit items such as foam fingers, megaphones, etc.

Garage sales, chocolate bars, subway cards, dominos cards, poinsettas, mini camp, spirit gear at football games, CSU concessions at games, Selling programs at CSU games, Do percent back nights at restaurants after football games, chuck a puck, spaghetti dinner or pancake- partner with 5k? Also sell spirit gear during home coming, Photo booth during homecoming or mr PHS. Sell hotdogs at Jax or car dealerships over labor day weekend

Kayde working on corporate sponsors and grants

Make amazon smile account? Kayde will look into

Mini Cheer camp-

In previous years: One day on a Saturday, learned a cheer or routine,  $20 and got a tshirt, 6-8th grade, just 10am-12pm camp

If do during the fall, could send out flyers to elementary and middle schools for marketing, and do the shirts through the school.

In previous years, fall is super busy for the girls, and selling items like cards or tumblers hasn’t been successful. Fundraisers that are a few hours on a Saturday are likely to have more buy in and cause less stress to the team.

Money coming in over the summer will go to nutrition and bonding unless we can have people provide snacks and dinners/host bonding events

Idea-Set deadline for family’s to send non-perishable snacks- protein bars, beef jerky, trail mix, etc. to fill up cheer locker

Can also look into what restaurants might donate food for football games. Could look at scheduling a different restaurant for each game

Kayde will send some letters to protein bars to see if they will sponsor


Future funds from fundraisers will be dived amongst these funds. We are seeking guidance on what appropriate percents are for each fund.

Cheer fees/gearBondingNutritionBooster Admin/fees

Questions for Coaches or booster?

4th of July parade- night before will do sleep over, and parade set up at 7am. Beth will donate some jucie and protein bars for food. Shanna and Dusty will do breakfast burritos for the morning of the 4th.

For parents wanting to stay and watch the parade and find a good spot should also get there at 7am. Kayde sits at last turn going S- 5th and main.

Hwy1 blocked off.  Can do hwy 1 to county road 9, turn R on Saratoga on roundabout, right again for drop off. If coming in from 25,need to turn by gas station

Kayde will send paperwork to Marianne, who will drive the parade truck. Use sticky tack to attach things to truck.

Kayde- check in on how to drop off

Get some girls to stop by lacie’s booth after they have decorated the truck (she’s designing all our camp clothes)

Sell otter pops/water before the parade instead of during.

Also seek candy donations for the girls to hand out

Could have 5 or 6 coolers and do multiple laps- have the girls make poster for when they are selling- would need change for each group

Kayde- has 2 coolers with wheels, Marcy has one, Kayde has a wagon. Beth has foldable wagon. Send one adult with each group.

Spend $20 on pops- sell 2 for $1, Will get several cases of water donated, sell for $1

Martha, Marianne, and Beth will donate water bases

Beth will bring wagon, cooler, juice, protein bars

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