Head Coach: Alissa Crane

First and for most I LOVE COWS everything that has to do with cows! I also LOVE coaching. I love watching the kids grow and learn new things everyday.

JV Coach: Erika Cuevas

It's my first year coaching and I am so excited to be here with the JV team! I work for an Eyelash Studio and love both of my jobs! Can't wait to begin the new season with you all!

Assistant: Jazmin Rodriguez

Ever since I can remember I have had a passion for dancing/creating art through movement.... I think the best feeling is learning choreography with your team and finally nailing it in a routine! 

2020-2021 Cheer teams

Varsity Cheer Team 

JV Cheer Team

2020 Cheer Team

Seniors 2020-2021

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